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India: Fetivals of Andhra Pradesh

State of Andhra Pradesh
Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

Andhra Pradesh has traditional, religious and state festivals organized and celebrated throughout the state. These festivals are full of messages depicting one or more aspects of human life, relationships or ancient traditions. Many of these festivals such as Deepavali, Dasara, Mohurrum, Shivratri, etc. are celebrated nation wide. Some of the popular festivals are briefed below.

State Festivals

Andhra Pradesh Tourism conducts four festivals every year.

Deccan Festival

the deccan festival highlights Hyderabad's arts, crafts, culture and cusine. This festival also includes a Pearls and Bangles fair and a food fair. Cultural programs, food stalls arts and craft shops etc., are also organized.

Lumbini Festival

This festival is organized to celebrate the Buddhist Heritage of Andra Pradesh. The festival is celebrated in Nagarjunasagar and Hyderabad for three days from 2nd Friday of December every year.

Visaka Utsav

The festival is organized to bring together the arts, crafts and cuisine of Visakahapatan District. The festival is celebrated from the 3rd Sunday of January in every year and lasts for three days.

Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival:

Organised in October to highlight the arts and cuisine of Rasyalaseema area of Tirupati, Chitoor District.

Other Festivals

Makara Sakranti

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

This harvest festival is celebrated for 3 days in Mid January. The first day is Bhogi that is spent with gaiety. The second day is Sakranthi when the sun enters the Makara Rasi (the zodiac sign of Capricorn). Traditionally this period is considered an auspicious day. Many families arrange a doll show and invite their friends and give alms to the poor. The third day is Kanuma. The Community being agrarian, they acknowledge their gratitude to the part taking of the animals. They decorate the bulls, conduct games including cockfights, bullfights and ram fights. Rich and poor alike will have a good time.


It is one of the pre-historic festivals celebrated all over India in Februaruy/March. It is a religious festival devoted to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. The devotees dedicate the entire day to the worship of Lord Shiva. During the night people remain awake, go to the temple and listen to the Vedic recitals and their meanings.


This native New Year comes soon after the celebration of 'holy' in April-May. Spring is considered as the first season of this native New Year of Andhra.

Vinayaka Chaturthi

The day when Lord Ganesh or Vinayak was born (created) is celebrated as Vinayak Chaturthi. The day is celebrated with devotion and enthusiasm throughout the country. Every year the largest Ganesh idol is installed at Khairatabad in Hyderabad that is taller than thirty feet. On the 11th day of celebration, processions converge at Hussain Sager Lake. The ten-day Ganesh festival concludes with the immersion of Ganesh idols in the lake.


The festival of light is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh together with other places of the country. It is a festival that revolves around Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. During the festival the whole country explodes into colour and noise.


Moharrum is celebrated in Hyderabad and is as popular as Dasara in Mysore. Muslims also celebrates Milad-un-Nabi with assemblies held at Mecca Masjid and at Dar-us-Salaam.