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Bangalore: Fairs & Festivals

Bangalore City

Bengaluru (Bangalore) celebrates regional, national and religious festivals with pomp like other parts of the country.



The pride of Karnataka's festivals is Dussehra. It is a celebration that lasts for ten days. The rulers of Vijayanagara Empire used to celebrate Dussehra with remarkable brilliance. The rulers of Mysore continued the tradition. The Maharaja of Mysore used to hold a Durbar for 9 days and on the 10th day went in a procession on a caparisoned elephant. With the ending of the royal rule, a picture of Bhuvaneshwari, the patron goddess of Karnataka, is taken out in procession. It is a unique and significant festival of the Hindus.


The Kannadiga new year day of Yugadi that falls on the second half of March or early April, along with the advent of spring season, is mainly devoted to Lord Brahma and is celebrated with devotion and delight. The day begins with a ritual bath, early in the morning, and comes to an end with prayers that continue late into the night.

Karaga Festival

The Karaga festival is celebrated in the month of March-April. Karaga is the name given to an earthen pot, which symbolizes Godess Shakti. Devotees place a karaga on their heads and join in the procession taken out at night and ends at the Sampangi tank, where all the pots are immersed in water. It is believed that balancing the pot on the head is a test where the strength of a person's character is tested.

Other Festivals

Bengaluru also celebrates the national festivals of Independence Day, the republic day and the birthday of Gandhiji. Religious festivals like Makara Samkramana, Sri Ramanavami, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali, Christmas, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha etc. are celebrated in harmony.