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The Best Viewpont in Kerala, India

Illikkal Kallu

Illikkal Kallu Viewpoint, Kottayam

Illikkal Kallu or Illikkal Boulder is a pristine viewpoint located at 4000ft ASL in Kottayam District. It is about 50km from Kottayam and 6km from Teekoy. Once reached Teakoy, take a left from Erattupetta, take a right onto the bridge and after approx. 2-3km take a left to Illikkakkallu. Going straight would take one to Vagamon. Illikkalkallu can be easily sighted from any part of Kottayam. This place is only a developing tourist spot and a good destination for a day trip if one is from Central Kerala or visiting Vagamon.

Illikkal Kallu Viewpoint, Kottayam

Until recently it has been one of those far-away places. To reach the hill top, before the road was made good, one has to trek up three kilometers. After the road was paved till the pre-summit and commissioned, Illikkal Kallu is drawing a large number of visitors. It is viable now, to reach the foot of the hill even on two-wheelers.

The road is very steep with full of sharp curves, and zigzags The drive up hill is intense and picturesque. Fill up the vehicle and drive with utmost care. The drive will mostly be on 1st gear. Safety is of prime importance. So drive defensively, give way and enjoy the panoramic view which is astounding. It is real wilderness and medical facilities are available only downhill.

Illikkal Kallu Viewpoint, Kottayam

One will be captivated by the majesty of the Kallu when he steps out of the vehicle and walks towards its base. There are many who are coming here for a trek to the top of the rock The view from the top of the hill is stunning and awesome. Walk about 1km up to the summit from where one can register the awe-inspiring view of a lifetime. The summit can accommodate maximum 25 persons at a time. The sunset in the evening of a full moon day will be spectacular as the moon rises up while the orange sun goes down.

Illikkal Kallu, Kottayam

Illickal Kallu comprises of three boulders, each with different shape. One of them resembles a mushroom and is known as Kuda Kallu (umbrella shaped rock). The second has a small hunch on the sides and is referred to as Koonu Kallu (hunch back rock) . There is a small pathway between the rocks called Naraka Palam (Hell bridge). The adventurous ones can opt this steep downhill ledge trail which is a narrow half-foot wide slippery stretch that takes them across to the stunning rock fixture.

Illikkal Kallu Viewpoint, Kottayam

It is complex and risky to climb the rock. One has to climb through the steep rock making use of the pits and marks of the rock. There is a small cave at the top portion of the rock. Do note that there is no safety harness installed and every step has its risks and challenges. A fall will be fatal. Nevertheless, once on the top, the view is fabulous.

It is adventurous to climb the rock. But to enjoying the beauty of nature one doesn't have to climb the rock. He can achieve it by climbing the summit or even from the bottom of the rock. There is no entry fee or timing restrictions until now. Enjoy fresh air, clear skies and fabulous views.

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