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India: Shopping

Chennai offers a wide verity of traditional and trendy merchandise for the buyer to take home such as carvings on brass, stone, wood and ivory to leather bikinis, bags and shoes.


Traditional items from allover tamilnadu and other parts of India can be bought from Chennai. Pattamara Mats and the leaf and palmyra-fiber handicrafts from Tirunellveli, bronze and brass castings and traditional jewelry from Kumbakonam, Metal works from Tanjavur, stone carvings from Mamallapuram, Silks from Kanchipuram - all are available in Chennai.

The most popular shopping centers are in Rannganatha Street in T. Nagar and Anna Salai. The Government sponsored Handicraft emporiums are situated in Anna Salai. They display a vast verity of Handicrafts and handloom Fabrics.

One can have best choices from:

  • Poompuhar Emporium
    818, Anna Salai
    Tel: +(91) (44)
  • Victoria Technical Institute
    765, Anna Salai
    Tel: +(91) (44)
  • Central Cottage Industries Emporium
    476, Anna Salai
  • Kalpa Druma
    61, Cathedral Road
  • Handloom House
    7, Rattan Bazaar
    George Town
    Tel: +(91) (44)
  • India Silk House
    Anna Salai
  • Nalli Silks
    T. Nagar