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India: State of Goa

 Parliament Building, Goa
Goa Tourism

Goa, a tiny emerald land of was once a pride of Portugal's Eastern Empire. The relatively new state of India with its wide and attractive beaches and beach resorts is a haven for holidaymakers.

Even though independent, Portuguese colonial practices still prevalent in the ways of life. The Roman Catholicism is still Orthodox in Goa. Good food and wine grace the humblest of tables. The life is full of song, dance and merriment. Goa is a place for holidaymaker who seeks sun and sand, food and wine and even old forts and temples.


Area 3,702
Population 1,457,723 (2011 Census)
Languages Kongani, Portuguese, Marathi, Hindi and English
Climate Summer - March to June(24 Degree C - 32.7 Degree C)
Winter - Nov. to Feb(21.3 Degree C - 32.2 Degree C)
Mansoon - June to Sep. (Rain fall=320cm)
Best Time to Visit October through April
Capital City Panaji
Airports Dabolim (Vasco)
Major Towns Dabolim, Panaji, Margao

Goa Tourism

bird's eye view of old Goa, India

A tropical paradise on the Konkan Coast, Goa is a perfect holiday destination. Goa tourism perhaps brings into one's mind the golden beaches those stretch for miles and it's numerous beach resorts. But there are more here - scores of temples and churches and the ruins of ancient monuments those were built during the Portuguese Era.

Goa India is the domicile of a fun loving people. There is none more full of song, dance and merriment than the Goan and both the town and countryside spring to life during the carnival time or any other festival time. Goa Tourism means to celebrate with the Goans to enjoy the life to the fullest.

Beaches are the most attractive and frequented spots in Goa. In fact, Goa is almost synonymous with beaches and beach resorts. Nearly the entire coastline is dotted with world-class beaches and beach resorts to suit one's liking. Kissed by the passionate, azure sea and embraced by the land and shaded by swaying palms, these miles of golden sand sparkling in the sun are the most desired places you can ever love on earth.

Goa Tourism Development Corporation, an autonomous Government organization, is at the helm of the tourist programmes in Goa. They conduct package tours and provide all required assistance for the tourists.