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Places Around Hyderabad

 Goa Beach, Goa

Not far from the city there are many prominent tourist spots. The tour can be originated from Hyderabad and can be completed on the same day.

Nehru Zoological Park

16km from Hyderabad and situated on the Hyderabad-Bangalore highway, this zoological park is one of the largest in India. The zoo houses nearly 1500 species of animals, birds and reptiles. There is a safari park where visitors can go on a conducted tour in protected vans to see the animals in their natural habitat. A Natural History Museum, an aquarium and a Children's Park are added attractions.

Deer Park

Vanastalipuram Deer Park

It is a recently developed deer-park that situates on the Vijayawada highway. Guesthouse accommodations are available. The park is about 16km from the city of Hyderabad.

Shameerpet Deer Park

24km from Hyderabad and north of Secunderabad is Shameerpet. It is a charming picnic spot with a deer park and a lake. Accommodation can be arranged in the forest lodges by making bookings with the Andra Pradesh Forest Department.

Osman Sagar

It is a reservoir that lies about 20 km from Hyderabad. It is the main source of Hyderabad's water supply. The reservoir is bordered with a landscaped park that provides an excellent picnic spot. Guesthouse facilities are available.

Other Places of Interest

Alladrug(In Medak Dist)

A huge carved Nandi in front of the Veerabhadra temple is a popular tourist attraction in Alladrug. This is a place of archeological value.

Kondapur(In Medak Dist)

It was a Buddhist center in the past. The archeological museum in Kondapur has Buddhist collections and gold coins from Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar.

Medak Fort

Situated in Medak town (96km from Hyderabad), originally built by Kakatiya kings and rebuilt by Qutb-Shahi kings, this fort is one of the important hill forts of Deccan.

The Medak St. Mary's Church

It is the largest Bishopric in India. The church has a beautiful cathedral, one of the three biggest in South India. It has large stained glass windows telling the stories from the Bible. The cathedral can accommodate 5000 people and stands as a fine example of Gothic architecture in India.

Nagarguna Sagar & Nagarguna Konda (In Guntur Dist)


Nagarguna Sager, named after the Buddhist saint Acharya Nagarguna, was known as Vijayapuri in the past. It is an important Buddhist site about 150 km from Hyderabad. Relics of the Buddhist civilization existed in the 3rd century were excavated and preserved in a man-made island called Nagarguna Konda. Other excavations unearthed the remains of a university, vihara, monasteries, sacrificial altar and prehistoric tools from the Paleolithic and Neolithic era. Nagarguna dam, the world's largest masonry dam is another attraction.


is a district of lakes, temples and rich wildlife. Warangal, the headquarters of this district, was once the capital of Kakatya Empire. The city is also mentioned in Marco Polo's travel diary. The city is 157km from Hyderabad and is well connected with other places of the state via rail and road.

Bhadrakali Temple

the famous bhadrakali temple of the Kakatiya period, situated on a hill with a 2.7m tall stone image of the Goddess is the major attraction.

Thousand Pillar Temple

This temple dedicated to Siva, Vishnu and Surya is star shaped. Built in 1163AD in the style ofChalukyan temples is a fine example of Kakatya architecture and sculpture. The shrine is famous for its richly caved pillars, fine sculptures and a black Nandi, a monolith, which has a very polished finish.

Warangal Fort

The 13th century fort was built by Kakatiya king Ganapathi Deva and his daughter Rudramma. It took nearly 62 years to complete the fort. Many sculptures and other pieces of architectural values can be seen here.

Ethurnagaram Sanctuary

Spread over 812km of dry deciduous mixed forests, this sanctuary homes tigers, leopards, many other animals and birds.

Pakhal Lake

This manmade lake is situated 50km from Warangal and completed by Kakatiyas in 1213 AD. Pakhal wildlife sanctuary sprawls over 100 acreas around its shoreline.