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Indian History & Culture

India, the home of one of the world's oldest and richest civilizations, great religions, treasure trove of rich and diversified cultures, historical monuments, arts, music, philosophy and what not, is the epitome of one's dream to travel to and explore.

History & Culture
History, cultural Heritage, People, Flora & Fauna
Pre-Historic Indian History
Pre-historic, Indus Valley Civilization & Aryans
Alexander, Maurya and Gupta Era
Alexander the Great, Maurya Empire & Gupta Empire
Union Territories
Southern Kingdoms, their Rulers and Cultures
Sultanates of Delhi
Mohamed of Ghur's expedition and Sultanates of Delhi
Mugal Empire
The Rise and Fall of Mughal Empire and its Rulers
Marathas & Europeans
The Marathas, Europeans and The British Raj
Indian Freedom Movement
Indian Freedom Movement and Independence of India
Modern India
Formation of Indian Republic and Modern India
People of India
The People of India, races, Origins and Groups
Indian Languages, their Origins and other Information
Flora & Fauna
The Great varities of Flora & Fauna in Indian Sub-Continent