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Travel Tips: Modes of Travel

Mode of Travel

You can travel to India by air and or by sea. There are four major international airports in the country namely Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and New Delhi to which almost every international air carrier is operating. Carriers operate from Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode to and from Ceylon, Maldives, and the Gulf Countries.

Transport of various sorts is available at all International Airports. These include auto-rickshaws, taxis, and even buses; most of which are operated by private operators. There is also a prepaid taxi service and it is advisable that this facility is made use of as it proves to be the most economical and more secure.

Mangalore, Madras, Calcutta and Bombay are the major sea ports of India. Passenger ships are calling in to these ports from nearby countries.

Domestic Travel

Palace on wheels

Domestic travel in India can be by air, rail and road. The most prominent mean is the rail since it touches every nook and corner of the country and India has the 2nd largest railway system in the world. Perhaps the largest under a single management.

Travel by Train

  1. With the exception of a few hilly areas, train can take you anywhere. There are Mail, Express, Super-Fast and Air-conditioned trains. Reserve your seats/berths in advance as this is the most sought out traveling mean. Trains at a glance by Indian Railways will give you all information required to travel by train. This guide is available at all information centers and newsstands at all main stations. It is also available with the agents of Indian Railways abroad. There are specially equipped trains such as Palace on Wheels, Oriental Express, Temple on Wheels etc. to provide the traveler with a glimpse of luxury, culture and a taste of the golden days of the past.

Travel by Air

  1. All major cities and almost all other cities are connected by domestic airlines. India has one national carrier Indian Airlines for domestic flights. Air India and Jet Airways, operates internationally. There are other local operators like Jet Lite , AirDeccan, King Fisher Airlines, Modiluft, NEPC etc. All airlines have representative offices in all major cities.

Travel by Road

  1. India's major cities are connected with paved major highways. Regular inter-city and inter-state buses are operating from all states. Air-conditioned video coaches are also available for travel. Travel by tourist taxis is available but comparatively expensive. Do not think of driving yourself. Heavy two-way traffic and narrow roads are not for your taste. If you are hiring a car leave it to your driver, lean back and relax.