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Travel Tips: Women Travellers

Women Travellers

Women Travellers

India is generally perfectly safe for women travellers, even for those who are travelling alone. But in heavily toured areas like Goa, Rajasthan and Hampi you are advised not to walk alone in isolated spots, especially after dark. Young travellers should be cautious about lingering in isolated and lonely places at night. Cities are generally safe. It is a matter of common sense that one should take reasonable care if one is out after dark.

While travelling in some parts of India, although you are unlikely to be at physical risk, you could be exposed to 'Eve-teasing' by young local men. If you want to avoid it then pay attention to the local norms of dress and behaviour.

Women are expected to dress modestly covering their legs and shoulders. Many people may not approve women wearing shorts and short skirts. Dressing decently and staying well groomed will improve the impression you make on local people. It will help reduce sexual harassment as well.

In general you will find that there is respect and great concern for your safety and welfare. People even go out of their way to assist you.

Senior Travellers

India is a fabulous holiday destination for young and old alike. Unless your mobility is restricted or your vision is impaired and do not have any other disabilities and in reasonably good health, the senior travellers should consider India as a potential holiday destination.

Travel with children

The number of tourists travelling with one or two children is on the increase. Travelling with children, indeed, is hard work and two adult persons should be there to look after them. As children possess little self-consciousness or sense of cultural differences, they often enhance interaction with the local people.