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India: Keoladeo Khana National Park

Indian Wildlife

About 176km from Delhi, 50km from Agra and situated in east Rajasthan, this is one of the finest water bird sanctuaries in the world. The Maharaja of Bharatpur artificially created the 28sq.km lake and wet land in the 19th century as a wild foul shooting preserve. He transformed the shallow depression formed by the confluence of river Gambhir and river Banganga into a reservoir by damming the rainwater in monsoons. Flooding of water created shallow wetland ecosystem causing it to be a perfect habitat for a variety of birds. The park was a hunting preserve until 1964, after which hunting was banned.

Painted Stork, Keoladeo Khana Bird Santuary

Popularly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, it was declared as National Park in 1982. In 1985 UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage site. Today the Park is recognised as one of the most important breeding and feed grounds for the birds in the world. This is one of the two wintering grounds for the endangered Siberian cranes. With a bird population of more than 300 species, the park is a delight for bird watchers. Visitors are advised to maintain low noise level and avoid littering the park. The forest around the bird sanctuary has a wildlife that includes sambar, chital, nilgai, hyena etc.

The park is open throughout the year from sunrise to sunset. Vehicles are permitted upto Shanti Kutir about 1.7 kilometres inside the Park. At this place one can choose to walk, bike, or go by cycle rickshaw, tonga or boat when the water level is high. Breeding season will be from August through October. Migrants arrive between October and February.

Accommodations can be arranged in the forest rest houses and private hotels near the park. Nearest town is Bharatpur, just 2km away. The nearest airport is Agra. One can reach the park by road.

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