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India: Gir National Park

Nilgiri Tahr, Eravikulam

Established in 1965 as a forest reserve to conserve the Asiatic lion, it was declared as a national park in 1974. This park is the only remaining habitat of the Asiatic lion. The natural park and the sanctuary spread over an area of 130,000 hectares.

Lion King, Gir National Park

The park has a rugged terrain and steep rocky hillside those are covered with mixed deciduous forests.

Located in the state of Gujarat in the southwest of Saurashrea Peninsula, the park has a population of 300 plus lions. Gir forest is also has a good population of leopards, chital, nilgai, chinkara, four horned antelope and wild boar. The forest is also rich in birds and reptiles. It has a crocodile-breading farm.

The lions are best viewed at dawn or dusk when they are on the move. The best time to visit the park is from December through June. The park will be closed during the monsoon.

The park can be accessed by road or by rail. The nearest railway station is Sasan Gir about one km from the park. Accommodation could be arranged at Lion Safari Lodge.

For further information contact:

  • The Conservator of Forests,
    Sardar Bagh,
    Gujarat - 362 001,
    I N D I A