? Indian Wildlife: Nagarhole National Park

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Indian Wildlife: Nagarhole National Park

Indian Wildlife

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Continuation of Bandipur National Park and situated about 80 km from the city of Mysore with an area of 57,200 hectares, the park was established in 1974.

The landscape is of gentle slopes and shallow valleys. The altitude of the park ranges from 600m to 900 m. There are several perennial seasonal streams, tanks and swamps. The annual temperature varies from 18°C to 28°C, the highest being in May. The vegetation comprises of dry deciduous forests and moist deciduous forests.

The fauna in this part is very diverse. Langur, bonnet macaque, slender loris, tiger, leopard, leopard cat, jungle cat, jackal, wild dog, sloth bear, hyena, elephant, spotted deer, sambar, muntjak, mouse deer, four horned antelope, gaur, wild boar, civet, mangoose, otter, hare, giant flying squirrel, etc. are seen in the park. The bird life has a population of 250 species and the reptiles include mugger crocodile and rock python. The park has a larger population of elephants and tigers than that of Bandipur.

Accommodation is available at forest rest houses at Nagarhole, Kalhalla, Murkal and Trithimathi. Organised trips to wild life is also available. The towns of Nagarhole and Murbal are in the reserve.

Nearest railway station is Mysore. The park is easily accessed by road.

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