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Cultural Heritage: Indian Fashion

Indian Fashion

The colorful and diversified clothing of Indians from the different parts of the country shall be very much attractive to a foreign traveler in India. Like in any other country, the fashion revolves around the women whose attire is colourful and distinctive in styles.

Indian Fashion

Women folk in India wear 'sari', a 5 - 6 meter long rectangular piece of cloth. The style, colour and texture of the cloth vary and saris are made from cotton, silk or one of the numerous manmade synthetic yarns. The sari was in India from time immemorial and is considered as the national dress of Indian woman. Sari is worn with 'choli' (short tight blouse). Choli fits tight to the body. When worn with proper style and colour combination, the dress is amazingly attractive and fashionable.

Women in Rajastan wear traditional colourful and glass embedded cholis with a form of pleated skirts known as 'lehanga'. They cover their head with a long cotton cloth called 'duppatta'.

'Salwar kamees' which evolved as a comfortable and respectable garment for the women in Kashmir and Punjab is now immensely popular throughout the country. 'Salwars' are pyjamas tight at the waist and angles. 'Kameez' is a loose tunic worn over salwar. A 'churidar' is similar to salwar except that it is tighter fitting at hips, thighs and angles.

Generally the men wore more conventional western cloths like shirts and trousers. But men at the villages are still fond of more comfortable and traditional dresses like 'kurtas', 'lungis', 'dothis' and pyjamas.

The dress style has many variations depending on the regions and religions. It is evident on the apparels worn by the Indians.