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India: People

Indian People

India Gate

The people of India are very friendly and hospitable. It will not take long before you find yourself in conversation with them. The fact that many Indians speak English will makes it easy to communicate. The people are hard working, healthy and tolerant.

The peoples of India can be grouped into four broad classes.

The class of peoples, who are tall, fair skinned and long nosed that speaks languages derived from Sanskrit. They are generally referred as Aryans or Indo-Aryans. Majority of the higher class Hindus belong to this class.

The peoples living in the Southern part of the peninsula whose features are some what different from those of the first group and speaks languages not originated from Sanskrit and generally known as the Dravidians form the second class.

The third class is the primitive tribes living in hills and jungles believed to be the successors of the Negrito races from the Neolithic age. They are short, dark skinned and snub nosed. Their languages are different from the first two classes.

And the fourth class of peoples has strong Mongolian features. They are beardless and yellow in color with snubbed noses, flat faces and prominent cheekbones. They mostly live on the Himalayan regions and the mountains of Assam. These peoples are also regarded as the dissidents of the Mongoloids from Neolithic Age.