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India: Flora & Fauna

Indian Flora & Fauna

Baby Elephant

India has a very rich flora and fauna . It is estimated that there are over 500 species of mammals, 200 plus species of birds and about 30,000 species of insects. In addition to the above, there are hundreds of species of fish and reptiles. Indian wild life comprises of the Asian elephant, the only lions outside Africa, the Royal Bengal Tiger, single horned Indian rhino, the wild buffalo (Indian Bison) many leopards and smaller cat species, large variety of deer, monkeys and wild goats. The reptile population includes a wide range of snakes, lizards and crocodiles. Birds range from the colorful peacocks and parrots to large stock of migrant water birds. Much of the fauna is protected by law. To protect wild life, India had setup 66 National Parks, 333 wild life Sanctuaries and 35 zoological gardens in the country

Indian Flora

Indian flora has a great range of varieties from the coniferous to the ever green, from scrubs to deciduous forests and thick tropical jungles to cool temperate woods. The tropical forests in east are in contrast to the pine and coniferous woodland of the western Himalayas. The Himalayan foothills are dense with deciduous trees and shrubs, bamboos, fern and grass. The gangetic plain, the Deccan plateu of volcanic ancestry, the dense luxuriant forests of the Western Ghats - all provide fascinating variations in habitats.